Project Description

Client:   Oak Alley Plantation
Location:   Vacherie, LA 70090

Oak Alley Plantation is a historic plantation located on the west bank of the Mississippi River, in the community of Vacherie, St. James Parish, Louisiana, U.S. It is protected as a National Historic Landmark.

The Challenges

When Oak Alley decided to upgrade their naturally ventilated reception hall on the plantation grounds, they turned to EnviroGreen to professionally prescribe and apply the correct formulation.

After a detailed study of the project requirements, our team recommended a 1.2 lb density open cell or hybrid open cell product. This particular open cell foam will help maintain an energy efficient space, yet it looks and feels just like a high-density closed cell.

Because it is much more rigid than a typical .5 lb density open cell foam, Oak Alley was then able to apply paint to the surface for aesthetic purposes dictated by the weddings and other parties that frequently use the space. And yes, the name of the color they selected was Brown Sugar.