EnviroGreen is not a “one a peg fits all holes” New Orleans-based insulation company. The proper polyurethane spray foam material installed to the correct thickness in the proper application by trained and certified applicators has proven again and again to out-perform all other competing insulation products in life span, performance values, over-all health of the home and energy efficiency increases.

However, there are many cases when alternative insulations and methods of weatherization provide a great opportunity to reduce energy bills while potentially being a little lighter on the pocket book. Not every house or building is the same and therefore each individual building requires energy-reducing measures based on its particular needs and within the constraints of the client’s budget.

The Department of Energy’s Energy Star Program offers a resource with a great introduction to the Building Science principles that EnnviroGreen strictly adheres to and encourages its clients to get a better understanding of.

As an Energy Star Partner, and long lasting members of RESNET and BPI, the owners of EnviroGreen have been testing houses for air infiltration and duct leakage and providing energy efficiency consulting and planning for over ten years on homes ranging from new construction to old historic New Orleans masterpieces. Without testing a home’s infiltration rate and performing a visual inspection, sometimes with the aid of infrared photography, the problems of high energy bills and/or moisture and discomfort can not be diagnosed properly.

After the causes of a home’s energy efficiency or indoor air quality problems have been properly diagnosed EnviroGreen will set forth a plan of attack and list the necessary improvements in order or their cost effectiveness while putting health and safety items first on the list.

Experts have agreed for years that even simple air sealing through caulking, weatherstripping and spot-foaming – very basic weatherization techniques – when done properly, can play a major role in solving a home’s energy and and air quality problems.

Air Sealing

Find out why air infiltration can make up such a large amount of the energy costs in your home.

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Duct Sealing

EnviroGreen can seal the duct-work, and increase your family’s comfort and indoor air quality at a greatly reduced price.

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