EnviroGreen, LLC Spray Foam Insulation was founded with one simple concept in mind… To advance the performance of energy efficiency through education.

This is your home. The rules on what is right and what is wrong should not be ignored and compromised by sales people in the contracting and building industry who do not understand how spray foaming a home or building can alter the entire chemistry of it.

You expect representatives of this industry to know their products with at least a minimal amount of building science and what is correct for your home.

EnviroGreen’s Team consists of trained and experienced BPI (Building Performance Institute) and RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network) professionals and offers a healthy balance of open cell and closed materials, along with our 1.0lb hybrid foam, traditional insulation products and new weatherization technologies.

Of the many controversies pertaining to spray foam over the years the one we have heard most commonly is the argument against closed cell foam from almost all local competing spray foam contractors except the real one behind the scenes that is revealed throughout the pages of our website. Other common arguments concerning spray foam have been moisture build-up, wood rot, making a house too tight, unhealthy or toxic, etc. Fortunately, none of these are true. Unfortunately, however, these miss-truths have been propagated by un-knowledgeable and untrained professionals in the HVAC, building and contracting industries, and even the spray foam industry whose faulty advice many have learned to trust and believe. When the most basic building blocks of physics are put to the test in our housing industry we very quickly learn that Building Science proves true and that the above statements hold no water.

Through education and Building Science principles and real life case studies offered by such prestigious organizations such as Building Science Corporation, Florida Solar Energy Center, Oak Ridge Laboratories, Environmental Protection Agency, LSU Agricultural Center, among many others, EnviroGreen leads the industry in education and following Best Building Practices. If your question is not answered in the pages of this website or our Architect/Contractor website please contact us. EnviroGreen Foam and Coatings is at your service.

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