Efficiency & Comfort From EnviroGreen Energy

We at EnviroGreen Energy Solutions understand the unique climate of the New Orleans area and the challenges involved in making your business and home energy efficient and comfortable no matter what the season.

EnviroGreen is dedicated to educating our clients and installing spray foam insulation, weatherization products, Magnetite Windows, and sound attenuation products according to Best Building Practices.

We set the highest standards for proper application and installation in a city where many business owners and homeowners have suffered from substandard applications due to uneducated and inexperienced spray foam contractors.

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EnviroGreen Energy Services specializes in customizing spray polyurethane foam insulation, fiberglass insulation, and cellulose insulation packages for residences and businesses.

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magnetite windows

Magnetite Windows

Magnetite® Windows were originally designed for old New Orleans historical homes and are now installed all over the country from residential applications to hotel and government buildings.

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weatherization for your home


Weatherization services from EnviroGreen will protect your home or business interior from sunlight, precipitation, and wind. We can help reduce energy consumption while optimizing energy efficiency.

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blower door tests

Blower Door Testing

Blower door testing provides a way to quantify air flow and the resulting cool/heat loss along with a way to pinpoint where specific leaks are.

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thermal photography of home

Infrared Photography

Incorporating thermal photography helps the us determine where a problem in the thermal envelope of the home is and how severe it may be.

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hvac services


HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. EviroGreen can inspect your system and improve its thermal comfort and indoor air quality.

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spray foam insulation in new home

New Home Code Compliance

We can make sure your home meets energy codes fact the home's actual energy performance will far exceed that of a home that meets prescriptive path energy code methods.

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You can with Spray Foam Insulation & Magnetite Windows!

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