Vapor barrier coating to the surface of the open cell foam ?

Some companies spray a “vapor barrier” coating to the surface of the open cell foam attached to the sub-floor and argue that this actually works. These vapor barrier coatings are recommended by many of the “open cell the sub-floor” contractors. However, let’s take a look at what the coating’s manufacturer says on it’s specification sheet as is promoted by some of the local spray foam contractors.

“Ideal for wallboard and plaster surfaces.”
“When applied on interior walls and ceilings.”
“For new or previously painted drywall construction, plaster, composition board, non-bleeding woods, and concrete.”
“Do not apply when air and surface temperature are below 50 degrees F.”

Super SpecĀ® Latex Vapor Barrier Primer Sealer 260
Benjamin Moore

ULTRA-HIDE Vapor Barrier Latex Primer-Sealer
Deluxe Paint Centers

Devoe Paint

sherwin williams
Sherwin Williams

Sherman Williams Barrier
Sherwin Williams

None of these data specification sheets make any suggestion or recommendation for its use in an exterior application and/or with spray foam.

At EnviroGreen Energy we stick to the facts

The world’s largest producer of open cell foam recommends a vapor barrier coating when “applied underneath floor decks in crawlspaces located in hot and humid climates.” Unfortunately, we haven’t found an applicable vapor barrier coating. Which one is your foam contractor recommending to use?

At EnviroGreen we stick to the facts, tested and proven techniques shared by the largest and most respected research organizations and their long-term case studies. We have already remediated many homes across the Greater New Orleans Area that had the coating under the foam which resulted in even more damage to the home by using it.

Icynenes Air Sealing Capabilites
Icynenes Air Sealing Capabilites

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