Does Your Open Cell Spray Foam Contractor Know?

The rules of Building Science and Best Building Practice should not be ignored and compromised by contractors and sales people in the construction and spray foam industry. We all expect representatives of these industries to know their products with at least a minimal amount of building science expertise and what is correct for your home. Ask a spray foam contractor or sales person to show you the Material Data or Specifications Sheets for the material they are proposing to use in your home.

As a general rule of thumb, foam manufacturers provide material warranties only if the spray foam is applied according to proper manufacturer guidelines.

One of the largest manufacturers of open cell in the world states that open cell is “not intended for exterior use” and that the warranty may be void if not installed properly in accordance with instructions. This, of course, is very common language among all foam manufacturers concerning open cell products. If your floors fail in any way after applying open cell will you have any recourse?

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