Don't Install Open Cell Under Your Floors!

Bad Open Cell Under FloorAfter only months of installation open cell begins to change colors as the foam deteriorates from ambient conditions and reflected UV sunlight. At this point a simply swift of your fingers over the foam will begin to “flake” the disintegrating foam away. The white part is where we took a hand-full of foam out to reveal undamaged foam underneath. Within months this “fresh” white foam will begin to discolor and degrade as well. This proves true whether a “vapor barrier” coating was applied or not.

Open cell under a raised home with linoleum vinyl flooring

open cell vinyl linoleum flooringVapor drive is always from the outside to the inside. The more we air-condition our homes the stronger the vapor drive is and the more significant the air-flow inward. The vapor builds up and condensates or “puddles” below the vinyl which is a vapor barrier. View the recent long-term LSU study that duplicated the results of open cell under the floor of a raised home.

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