Unfortunately, much of the information on spray foam that companies and their sales people tell homeowners is wrong.

EnviroGreen takes an educational approach by encouraging homeowners to get a better understanding of the pro’s and con’s of all several types of spray foam products on the market: .5lb open cell, 1.0lb to 1.2lb hybrid open cells and 1.6 to 2.0 closed cell products along with 3.0+lb roofing foams.

Safety comes first.

Unlike many local companies’ products being installed today, all EnviroGreen products are fully third party fire tested, approved and documented. This is a very important subject and goes back to the education and honesty aspect of our business model.

Spray foams are cellular thermoset plastic materials and therefore require certain testing to ensure code-approved applications and of course the safety of your family.

According to strict guidelines set forth by international and local building codes a spray foam product must meet certain NFPA 286 or UL 1715 fire testing procedures to be applied in an attic or crawl space with combustion appliances such as a gas furnace or gas water heater under particular scenarios.

Unfortunately, many local building officials, architects, contractors, and code inspectors are not aware of these codes yet. When EnviroGreen made its selection of polyurethane foam products to offer its clients… safety came first! All our spray foam products are third party tested, approved and documented as some of the most flame resistant on the market.

EnviroGreen is proud to provide this information in person and explain which products best fit the particular requirements of the job.

EnviroGreen offers the greatest number of choices of spray foam in the Metropolitan New Orleans Area

EnviroGreen specializes in customizing spray foam packages by offering the widest variety of spray foam available.

While most spray foam contractors “push” only .5lb open cell, EnviroGreen offers its clients a spectrum of choices on density and the knowledge behind each option. Many of our clients have a mix of products in their homes such as 2.0lb closed cell under the floor, 1.2lb in the walls and .5lb open cell in the attic. Each has its own place and reason for being applied to particular areas of your home.

EnviroGreen offers the most detailed proposals and all-inclusive insulation packages

The Federal Trade Commission outlines what must be included in a spray foam proposal to ensure proper apple-to-apple and knowledgeable bids.

EnviroGreen offers the most detailed proposals on the market with exact R-values, inches of foam to be installed, and all supporting technical data and flame testing reports upon request. In fact, it was the lack of fair marketing practices and the abundance of misleading information that encouraged the inception of EnviroGreen.

This is your home and we believe that you should know what you’re investing in… from green, to safety, to energy efficiency, to helping your local industry and economy.

EnviroGreen offers a Lifetime Material Warranty backed by its manufacturer

The fact is that a great deal of spray foams sold are installed incorrectly or under incorrect conditions and therefore are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Many spray foam companies are not manufacturer-certified to install their products as well and therefore are not warrantied. EnviroGreen not only ensures proper installation of superior products but backs it up with a manufacturer lifetime warranty.

Sometimes Spray Foam is simply not for you

Not every house needs spray foam and there are many circumstances in which spray foam is not ideal for your home. There are exceptions when according to best building practices other technologies such as the installation of a radiant barrier, or improved weatherization, or even better attic ventilation may prove to be more beneficial and cost-effective options.

EnviroGreen is trained to view your home as a “whole system” rather than through the eyes of an insulation contractor with a mission to make a commission. Every house has its own unique set of needs and therefore requires varying technologies and improvements.

Weatherization For Your Home


EnviroGreen prides itself on providing it’s customers with the latest energy savings services.

From insulation and weatherization, to blower door testing and HVAC inspection, we will provide the necessary services to keep your home or business’s climate comfortable


A brief history of the most popular insulation product available.

Otto Bayer’s discovery in 1939 of polyurethane eventually became synthesized and saw it’s first uses by the United States military. Decades later, it started to be used as foam insulation in homes and businesses.

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