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Dorothy was terrific to work with, extremely accommodating, and her crew was very professional and polite. They actually insulated 2 attic spaces for this job, but one attic space did not have any access whatsoever. I was having a new roof installed for the area where there was no attic access, and Dorothy coordinated her schedule with the roofers so that the roofers could open up the roof, her crew could spray foam in that attic, and then the roofers closed up up the hole and put the new roof on. It was great that Dorothy and my roofer worked together to make this happen for us.

Regarding the spray foam product, it works as advertised. In any 2 story house the upstairs will always be warmer than the downstairs. Prior to installing the spray foam, the upstairs was always at least 5 - 8 degrees warmer than the downstairs, and the upstairs air conditioner could never 'keep up,' and cool the space during the summer. The upstairs air conditioner would run all day and never move the thermostat below 78 degrees. And after the spray foam installation, the upstairs is only slightly warmer than the downstairs, maybe a 1 - 2 degree difference now, which is barely noticeable. But most importantly, the upstairs air conditioner can now 'keep up' with the summer heat, and keep the upstairs very comfortable all day and night. And the attic itself is only a few degrees warmer than the upstairs could spend all day up there when it's 95 degrees outside, and never break a's just amazing how well the spray foam keeps the heat out.

I strongly recommend Dorothy and her team to anyone considering installing spray foam in their attic.

Brian B.

They did an energy audit showing where I was losing the most and always discussed the flammability of my seal attic insulation.

It went very well. Both workers were very professional, competent and concerned. I would definitely have them do more work for me.

Timothy Sykes

From estimate to execution, the work was professional, friendly, and well-done. These guys were a pleasure to work with. I will definitely use them again.

Charles Wellington

I selected EnviroGreen when building a new home after doing some extensive research into spray foam insulation. I received many stories from various contractors but when talking with EnviroGreen, they not only new their products, but they backed up the information with facts and had hard proof to back their claims.

I decided to use closed cell foam throughout my house and after a year of living in my new home, I feel I made the right choice. My home remains comfortable year round and my utility bills for my 4 bedroom home avaraged $25 less per month than I spent the previous year for my 1 bedroom apartment.

Gregory Kidder

EnviroGreen sent a qualified representative to survey my house, make recommendations, and provide a cost estimate. While they were not the lowest bid, I was impressed with their knowledge and professionalism. From the outset, I was pleased with their promptness, courtesy, attention to detail, and cleanliness. Realizing that I was very particular about how my house had to be restored, they made a special effort to meet all my expectations. I have no complaints about the job or about any of the people that I met or worked with.

Miles R.

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