Closed Cell Foam vs Open Cell Foam

Closed vs Open

What's the difference between open cell & closed cell? Others will say there's no big difference. Some will tell you it's all about price per square foot. And, some just don't know what they're talking about.

You want the facts necessary to make an educated decision ... We've got your answers here.

Understanding Foam

Understanding Spray Polyurethane Foam InsulationPolyurethane spray foam is often categorized as either "open cell" or "closed cell". There are several major differences between the two types, leading to advantages and disadvantages for both, depending on the desired application requirements.  In addition, polyurethane spray foam is an extremely versatile material that is available in a variety of final physical properties and densities, making it necessary for the end-user to have an understanding of these differences in order to choose the spray foam system that is best suited for the particular application requirements, meets code, and follows Best Building Practices.


Open vs Closed Cell Under Homes | The Top 10 Falsehoods

In light of all the falsehoods and miss-truths that I have heard for almost a decade of inspecting homes I thought I'd put together a list of the Top 10 most uninformed statements concerning open and closed cell under homes:

  • "Open cell will breath." Yes it does breath. View Insulating a raised floor for explanations..
  • "FEMA is outlawing the use of closed cell under houses." Unfortunately some well known local spray foam companies are using this one.


Why Should You Use Spray Foam Insulation In New Orleans and South Louisiana?

This question deserves one simple answer, polyurethane foam insulation, when properly installed, outperforms in a very "real world way" any other traditional insulation product on the market.

There are so many insulation products to choose from, all of which are quoted in terms of R-value. However, what we are never taught is that the term R-value is a misunderstood concept and a poor indication of the true performance of the insulating abilities of the product. The fact is R-value is determined based on very controlled experimental conditions where real life forces are intentionally neglected to be factored in.


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